Interplay medium

AXOD (aka Digital Axon) microserver

Axod is a Lua based microserver intended to organize the customized local interactive spaces.
The Axod was initially developed for use on embedded devices running an OpenWRT Linux that is proposed as alternative firmware for mass-production network routers. At the moment you can use practically any hardware with any Linux distro in accordance with the scale of your project. This is an nice platform for independent Interplay Medium developers.

We have prepared this video to show the current version of Axod mircroserver in all its glory:

To watch video on our webiste you need to install a modern browser that supports HTML5 (for example it could be last version of FireFox). Download or play this video in standalone player: [ogv 27MB] [mp4 33MB]
Axod microserver demo

Click below to see project details and tutorials for developers.

Axod architecture

Core implementation

Device have a four synaptic groups:

  • audible: in the base configuration is implemented an easy-to-use music player that helps to transform your device into a music center. A user-friendly interface controls the music output (play/stop) and provides the functionality to sort the track list by several parameters, move around subdirectories and add radio stations to the playlists.
  • visual: there is a possibility to broadcast streaming video from/to an external local or remote source
  • tactile: you able to control the external devices by means of a push-button interface. In the base configuration there is simple arrow keypad provided for command transmission to the external devices and microcontrollers (for example Arduino developing board)
  • sensory interface designed for working with external local and remote sensors

All synapses are supplied with the html interface that is viewable in a browser at pocket or stationary device. The device has to have a local network connection provided by your AXOD microserver). This allows you to control your local interactive space directly from your pocket device.

Installation tutorial for the base configuration of the AXOD microserver

For developers and object designers

An AXOD device can be used to control your local interactive space or part of it, as well as work within a cluster of other AXOD devices. As a designer you can use AXOD as a high-level (or mixed-level) external interface to your im-objects. Also you can easily modify and extend the synaptic groups with your own interfaces and easily broaden the functional potential of your AXOD device.

A detailed description of AXOD architecture and functionality

How to create your own synaptic module


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